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Announcement - Merger

It is my greatest pleasure to announce that we are merging The Phoenix Way Tae Kwon Do with Viper Martial (Marital) Arts at North Richmond.

The Head Instructor Scott has made the heartfelt decision to retire from being the Head Instructor of Viper Marital Arts. It takes a lot of personal time to lead a club & when you have a number of career, study & family commitments, it can be very difficult to fulfill this role the way it should be. I commend Scott for making this decision as it is something no-one could ever take lightly or easily. I would like to take this opportunity to Thank Scott for trusting me to fill his shoes & we hope to see you pop in the not to distant future.

Dan Powers will remain the Instructor of the North Richmond class however i will be supporting, guiding and assisting Dan with this Class to bring it back to the former glory it once was.

This merger opens up the opportunity to train 5 nights a week in a variety of leveled classes at 3 different locations under the unlimited scheme and we now have the ability to accept the Active Kids Vouchers at all classes.

We are very excited to see our club expand and invite the new students into our family. We look forward to training with you soon.

Kind Regards Sabeomnim Naydene

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